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Thanks to the Internet, artists and musicians don’t necessarily need to record at the same location these days. They can record their composition from anywhere and use the internet to share with each other to create high quality music.


As a versatile drummer, I have the ability to provide a quick turn around of high quality drum recordings for your projects. 

I use a high spec Roland TD-30K drum kit. The sounds and customisation possibilities on this powerful highly acclaimed kit are endless which makes it perfect to achieve the right sounds for your projects. I also use Superior Drummer software for even more sound options. 

So what's the process?

 Just email me your tracks with a short brief of your requirements with any reference material for your drum sounds. I recommend demo tracks are recorded to a click track however this is not essential but, I would need your song tempo. 

I provide you with a one take as an MP3 mix for your approval and you can make up to 3 changes. When you are satisfied and make payment I will send you your drum files to use how you wish. 
My fees start from £60 per track depending on the context and duration. I will try to accommodate your budget. 

I’m always happy to discuss any projects or offer some ideas!



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