I'm Alexander Savva,

Professionally Known as 'Xelavate'


A musician, producer and songwriter

Always having fun professionally working on a range of live and studio drum sessions and new music compositions and collaborations.


I grew up surrounded by countless musical influences. From the age of 5, I was inspired by my father (drummer) to play on his drum kit at home and his office. 


With rhythm seemingly embedded into my bones, at the age of 14, my passion and devotion to play drums was the determinator for me to pursue my career to become a professional versatile session drummer and music producer. My knowledge of Logic production software and percussive sampling pad instruments helps me creatively produce, write and play a range of styles of music.
As a producer of my own music, I've also shadowed top producers such as ‘iLL BLU’ (credits MoStack,ZieZie, Rak-Su) and producer ‘TSB’ (credits JHUS, Dave, Stormzy).
After releasing my debut single 'Fly Away' June 2019 featuring talented TAI semi finalist of ITV's The Voice UK, i've subsequently released my follow up single 'Don't Wanna Go' and since have been collaborating on a range of productions as well as working on a string of personal releases due for release during 2020. 


Alex Boateng.jpeg

“Xelavate, is definitely one to keep on the radar. He consistently demonstrates his capability, creativity and passion for music”  

iLL BLU.png

“Having known Xelavate since 2015 and a pleasure having him shadowing our journey, he is an inspiration to see how much focus and passion he puts into his projects and collaborations” 

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"It’s been a pleasure to see Xelavate flourish into a truly professional and highly respected musician and producer. Always on point and reliable. He has clearly shown the ability to absorb relevant detail and convert this to help with his progress and creativity. I look forward to continuing to see the positive impact he makes to the music sector and anyone he engages with”  

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"Xelavate shines with entrepreneurism always looking for ways to progress and help others to engage with music. His devotion, determination and professionalism to achieve his vision in our competitive industry whilst respecting his peers will no doubt help him achieve all his wishes

Alex Boateng

President of Urban

Island Records

Universal Music Group

Aaron Mensah

Creative Director

Co- Founder Climax Management

Joe Garrett 

BMG Producer & Songwriter Co-Founder Honest Records

Producer Duo



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