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I'm Alexander Savva,

Professionally Known As 'Xelavate'

A musician, producer and songwriter


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Alex Boateng

President of Urban Island Records

Universal Music Group

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“Xelavate, is definitely one to keep on the radar. He consistently demonstrates his capability, creativity and passion for music”  

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Xelavate & Ash Sloan
Xelavate & John Frederick Robinson
Xelavate & Kojo Samuel
Xelavate & Larnell Lewis
Xelavate Yolanda Charles
Xelavate Shaun Martin
Xelavate Steve Gadd
Xelavate Jerrod Sullivan
Xelavate & Mark Heaney
Xelavate & Chris Coleman
Xelavate & Steve Smith
Xelavate & Eric Moore

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